I’m Shaima Al Tamimi, the cultural explorer, writer and food enthusiast behind this page. Living between the UAE and Qatar, I’m constantly on the go exploring new places or food joints to keep me busy. I have been a culinary enthusiast since childhood- getting into trouble with mom for cooking meals while my parents were out. My love for flavours has propelled me to fly across continents and explore other cultures by way of travel and acknowledging food as a medium that connects us as humans.

When I’m not travelling or in my home kitchen, I love exploring the hidden gems of whichever town I’m currently in (Abu Dhabi / Doha). With both, the UAE and Qatar being host cities for current and future major events like the Expo 2020 and Qatar World Cup 2022, there is alot of diversity and realness beyond the glitz and glamour of it all. My aim is to document this diversity and show you the stories, people, food and places that make our cities what they are today.

I hope you enjoy my insights on Culture, Food and Travel and encourage you to connect with me on social media or email on iamshaima84(@)gmail(.)com. It would make my day to hear from you.