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A message from Arab Women #WeCanDoIt

If you have ten minutes to spare and watch something uplifting before going to bed, please let it be for this video. You will wake up with an urge to push boundaries, climb mountains and break walls.

I am beyond excited to have shared my story and voice of empowerment with 130 strong women from the GCC. Throughout the world, and specially our region. We, as women, and human beings, all face the same challenges. Some tend to be societal, some financial, but most importantly, many are mental barriers that we put for ourselves. This campaign by the energetic and young team of Weoritu gave us the opportunity to unite, amplify our voices, re-inforce positivity and inspire the generations of tomorrow.

We often stop ourselves from pursuing our dreams and aspirations because of the fear of being ridiculed, watched by society or simply because we feel we are not good enough.

That’t not right.

We are as powerful and resourceful as everyone else, and it takes a film like this for the world to witness our triumphs and achievement. If you want to support the #Wecandoit campaign, they have a fantastic line up of merchandise and services provided by the women featured in the video, click here to find out . Enjoy the video.