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A lovely day at Al Mazrouah Farmer Market

I like planning my weekends around exploring different places in Qatar, Some friends heard about a local farmer’s market Called “Al Mazrouah Yard” a few minutes away from IKEA in Doha. The culture of visiting farmer’s markets in Doha is not common, and hopefully this will be the beginning of movement to encourage people to shop directly from the source as opposed to supermarkets.

Al Mazrouah yard is more of a wholesale market, so if you’re not shopping for a huge family, I recommend you take a few friends, buy veg and fruits in bulk and divide the quantity amongst you all when you reach home. Makes for a good way to also talk about how you’re going to cook your fresh produce for the week and share recipes.

I’ll be on a hunt to spot other market’s around the city soon.

Happy Friday,