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Why family run food joints always win my heart

I never thought I’d be moved by waffles. Actually, who am I kidding, waffles always move me. I just never thought I’d write about it. Untill I went to Beach Canteen at the Dubai Food Festival, and now, I can’t not share why the Wofl joint stole my heart.

I was busy with some foodie friends sampling tasters from the plethora of vendors who were eagerly offering their delectable creations from fusion risottos, to succulent Swahili lamb chops, gazpacho Asian inspired shots and not to forget the ever so popular sliders. Just when I thought I had enough, a group of two teenagers ran up to me with a tray full of heart shaped waffles topped with savoury and sweet things from a joint called “Wofl”. The selection of toppings was exciting enough to let your fingers hover above for minutes in confusion of what to pick. Get them all I say. Because #Yolo. I tried the one with meatballs and pesto and another lemon mascarpone with banana and honey, knowing I’d soon be welcoming an unregrettable waffle induced coma. Bring it on!

Then comes Amer, another guy with another tray, this time enthusiastically inviting me into their make shift shop that wafted of all things heavenly from the freshly made batch caramelizing away to textured perfection. I learn that he not only owns this joint with his family, but also actively runs it.

IMG_6108In a world where the norm is to have people run your for you, I found this very endearing and bold. I love it when people are hands on with their ventures as opposed to taking a step back and letting others handle their. Amer introduces me to his sweet Norweigan wife Kristin, where the waffle ingredients are inspired from. So what really kick started this into a business, was when they had to conceptualise waffle “bake sales” for their daughters’ school project! and then came that AHA moment of bringing “Wofl” to life for the public. Who doesn’t need more goodness in their lives?

Whilst I loved all their waffles, dare I mention they’re also gluten free and freshly mixed (no pre packaged stuff here). My absoulte favourite was the Khaleeji one which is an ode to the region with local flavours like labneh, pistachios, dates and honey drizzle. The one that topped it for me, was Amer’s suggestion (not on the menu) slices of Norwegian caramelized goat cheese, butter and jam on waffle. I don’t care if this sounds cliche, but yes, I died and went to heaven from those “deliciously dangerous waffles” as their slogan rightfully projects. Suffice to say, I’m craving one as I finish off this post.




Do check out their social media channels to see where next they set up as it currently caters to events like Ripe Market and the Dubai Food Festival. 

Lots of Love and Yum,