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What’s in my Lunchbox? Glorifying the homemade office lunch.

At work, I was usually the first person to ask my colleagues “ what are we having for lunch”?

As much as having lunch at a new restaurant excites me, nothing beats making your own. I’ve been doing this for quite a while and reaping the benefits of keeping my calories in check. Remember my Confused chicken post from last time? I reworked it into something uber-delicious and easy to prep for when you’re on the go. My last recipe called for 4 chicken breasts, so I had one each day and jazzed it up.


This meal comes to life with couscous prepped the night before, chopped asparagus and blanched snow peas. Chuck all that into a lunchbox with the chicken and lunch is ready to be packed. Heat before attacking.

And if you’re interested in trying out the real deal on how to make Couscous the authentic way, check out what Aunty Fatima taught me here)

chick tom

Here I sautéed asparagus in coconut oil and tomato paste then tossed it with the chicken bake. Some pomegranate seeds won’t hurt and might make your lunch look nothing short of a 5 star lunch box.

chick red

Here I added sliced radishes, snow peas and spiced olives with feta cheese (from the market). It’s beyond effortless.

When adding flavor or tweaking a dish, your possibilities are endless. Think of ingredients you like and add them to enhance flavor, texture and even colour. Say goodbye to boring office lunches and get creative. Before you know it, you’ll be the envy of the break room.