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Mango & Baobab Breakfast Bowl

I don’t know why I never started making smoothie bowls a long time ago! They’re such a great alternative to your regular heavy weekend breakfast and a treat both visually and flavor wise! Not to mention they do fill you up pretty good. Think of them as cold fruit soups laden with your choice of toppings with diverse textures, from crunchy nuts to gooey soft raisins and fruit.

The one I made is packed full of nutrients and anti-oxidants and that fuels up your body for the morning ahead. You don’t have to follow the recipe strictly, so I am all for encouraging you to try this your way. Here goes the recipe for my Mango Baobab Breakfast Bowl.

P.S For my Arab and Swahili friends who many not be familiar with Baobab. It’s called “Tabaldi” in Arabic and the Sudanese love to drink it as a refreshing tangy cold juice. Whereas in East Africa, Its called “Mabuyu” and its eaten of the seed with some spice mix that kids won’t stop popping in their mouth! It’s addictive.

For the smoothie

1 glass almond milk

1 cup chopped frozen mangoes

1 banana

1 turmeric root stick

1 Tbsp Baobab Powder

For the toppings

I generally like to use whatever I have in the pantry, mine was a mix of:

Frozen berries

Buckwheat groat sprinkles

Mixed fruit and nuts


– Blend smoothie ingredients together and make sure the consistency is slightly thick.

– Assemble the toppings however way you like and Voila! Breakfast is served.