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The Dosa Dudette

While I like to spend Saturday mornings catching up on sleep, sometimes I prefer to enjoy what early mornings offer. Why waste a beautiful day right? Ofcourse, what better way to do that, than go for a good wholesome brunch with friends, South Indian style.

Enter Vasanta Bhavan:

While I am not a vegetarian, this is THE place to go for yummy south Indian food when you’re on a carnivorous break . Don’t expect anything fancy, it’s a decent restaurant serving up a plethora of specialities at different times of the day. A reason that makes us come half an hour before noon strikes

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to catch mouth watering Dosas yet still enjoy other lunch dishes past the a.m. Yes, we are a gluttonous foodie bunch.

The majority of Arabs needs to have some protein in the form of fish, chicken or meat for a meal to be taken seriously. So how will these dishes fill you up? Think spiced potatoes, curries, rice cakes, and poofy poori breads, it’s carb galore my friends. Oh, and need I mention their mushroom Biryani is off the hook?

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Poofy Pooris

This Dosa is not for sharing

This Dosa is not for sharing



Peeking through

Tins without Utensils

Tins without Utensils

Vasanta Bhavan has branches in Qatar and the UAE. More details can be found on their site