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Why you MUST try the Dutch Weed Burger in your life

There is always a burger that will come along in your life and slap the taste buds outta your lips!

Imagine reading a sign that says “Dutch Weed Burger”, and a flood of curiosity goes through your brain. “What? Am I reading that correctly?”….
Yes. Not mistaken.

Hanging around the Dutch Pavilion where all the food truck craze was located. It was a severely cloudy day and the storms were sign enough to go and seek shelter indoors. Instead, I was quick to scurry down the waiting line to order. Within a matter of seconds, it started raining. But when did that ever stop anyone from trying a burger.

Minutes later, my Dutch weed burger was between palms. It looked so plump and juicy and most of all, was green from patty to sauce and bun! Well guess what?

This burger is
Vegan. Kosher. Halal!
This burger is made from Sea WEED.
and it tastes So.Damn. Good.

Yes, its an attention grabber and it’s rightfully so for all the proper reasons. The patty is made from Kombu seaweed and roasted soy shreds along with other things. The mayo is zesty and totally vegan too. Whereas the bun is made from an algae called Chlorella (related to Spirulina), hence its green color. The flavours are perfectly complimented with your classic Tomato, Lettuce and pickle dressing. It had me going gaga that I had to have it again 2 days later.

So no my friends, it contains no traces of Marijuana whatsoever.

So there is the good news and bad news. The good news is, you dont have to be at the Expo to try this. The bad news is, you do have to go the Netherlands to stuff your face into the Dutch Weed Burger. Check the website hyperlinked above for deets!

If on the other hand, you plan to visit the expo, here is a list of ethnic eats I really enjoyed, and deem worth trying.


Chicken Mashkoul from Sidra Café at the Qatari Pavillion.

It’s a fragrant rice pilaf served with curried spiced chicken that’s too close for comfort. I highly recommend pairing this with their Jarjeer (rocket) salad. It comes speckled with raisins, slivered almonds and golden fried onions.

Kurtoscalacs from the Hungarian Pavilion that was too good to take a picture of. But here’s a video of our attack on my instagram.

The sweet aroma of this rotiserry grilled bread hypnotized from miles away. It’s almost like Cinnabon but much lighter on the tummy. More crisp from the caramelized sugar sprinkles and more soft. The best thing about this bread is the size. You can chuck it in your bag and snack on it all day when hunger strikes. Trust me you will need it.


Degustation Lunch Menu from Mexico’s Besame Mucho.

As much as I enjoyed street style food from the multicultural pavilions in the expo, I had to try a dish on the upscale side of things. Whilst exiting the Mexican pav, the menu of their restaurant grabbed my attention. Picture this, a juicy Burrata perched on top of a soft, hand rolled corn tortilla, garnished with sliced pickled onions and fresh onions for a texture festival. Praised Brisket with root vegetables for mains, and the craziest corn based tres leches custard/cake.

I could go and list some more, but I’ll leave the exploration to you. If you’ve gone there, what were your favs?