Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I work very hard on creating content that is original and fresh. That said, my areas of interest are about documenting real experiences within culture, food and travel.

I am very careful about which projects I get involved in, to maintain the integrity of my blog and to ensure content remains original, relevant and appealing to my readers. If you are interested in collaborating with me, do send an email to iamshaima(.)gmail(.)com and I’ll be happy to discuss further. But first, here is what you might want to know:



I am happy to come and connect with the organisers, owners and share my feedback if needed. My acceptance to attend an event does not guarantee a blog post. Should an opportunity arise, we can work on something if I find the project relevant for my blog and readers.

Please refrain from emailing me press releases asking me to publish latest news on my page (especially if it is not related). My blog is an extension of my interest and all posts are based on sharing my personal experience.


While a big chunk of my blog is dedicated to writing about food from different perspectives and budget choices. I want to clarify that I’m not a critic by any means. I enjoy good meals and write about experiences that are exceptional at my discretion.

Freebies and complimentary meals will always be declared as such on my digital platforms, so as to maintain transparent and unbiased communication with the readers.

Products and Services

Want to send me samples for trial? Please check with me first. I’m constantly asked to give my address by brands who want to giveaway products as gifts/samples or in exchange for reviews. Again, if these products are relevant and exceptionally good, I will write about if I feel that it will benefit my readers.


I’m always up for exploring a destination’s culture and culinary offerings through travel.  I welcome hosted travel requests if my schedule allows. I love to find out about the hidden gems of a city and visit farms, locals try out different food concepts and interesting places/activities away from the norm.


All visual content (photos and videos) on this blog are taken by me unless mentioned. If you’d like to use my images, please ask first and don’t forget to credit me and/or my website.