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Exploring Qatar with The Dilmuni Couple

I was contacted by the awesome travel duo, Maryam and Hussein (Dilmuni Couple) from Bahrain. We’ve been following each other on social media for a short while and noticed how similar our interests were. You see, Maryam & Hussein are not your average Khaleeji couple when it comes to traveling or day to day life. They’re not about that “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” routine which many of us are used to. No!


Their love for exploration started with their honeymoon trip, trekking the Indian Himalaya in Kashmir. I think, there is no better way to bond with your spouse than trying something tough, yet enjoyable at the same time. Coming back, Mariam and Hussain realized the beauty of constantly exploring themselves through their country. As tiny as Bahrain is compared to the rest of the Gulf, they can’t stop discovering new things about their own country. Having successfully travelled around Bahrain by foot, backpacking and sleeping in tents, the couple are introducing the concept of micro adventures in their own way.

I was ecstatic about giving them a cultural tour of my beloved Doha. They were the perfect partners in crime to explore new places I was yet to try. Most times, people take tourists to glitzy restaurants and malls. We didn’t do any of that.


A vendor stands with his produce. Organic Ghee from cows and sheeps used in Qatari traditional cuisine

Instead, we spent time checking out architecture, museums, bee farms and getting to know the vendors, craft makers, and shop owners of the souqs. Let me first, officially declare that Souq Waqif is a gem. Not for its ability to combine family time shopping and ethnic eateries in one place, but for the beautiful people who make the place come alive with soul and stories. In my 3 years of living in Doha, everytime I go there, I learn something new for the first time.


We had an ecstatic time documenting the beautiful souls and people we met and spoke to. To them, I owe this amazing experience. Here’s a film I made from our weekend exploration. Enjoy and let me know how else you like to enjoy your city.